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New Animal Jewelry

The Magic Behind the Magic Zoo

Artist Merry Rosenfield has been creating handmade animal jewelry designs since 1989. Her purpose has always been to design pet and wildlife jewelry that captures and celebrates the human-animal connection.

“Every time I wear a Magic Zoo design, friends and even complete strangers ask me where I got it!”

This is the ultimate compliment, and one that Merry hears from many of her customers. Merry hopes her handmade jewelry can tell the world something special about the person wearing it, and the importance of a specific animal in that person’s life.

From butterfly earrings to dachshund pendants, Merry’s designs have something to say about the personality and beauty of every animal. Although she has been creating animal jewelry for over 25 years, her imagination still brims with new design ideas.

In the current Magic Zoo collection of handmade jewelry, you’ll find elegant 14K gold pieces, beautifully detailed sterling silver designs, colorful, whimsical enamel critters and delicately handcrafted but affordable fine pewter jewelry.

Merry designs each and every piece of Magic Zoo jewelry herself. Working in her Florida studio, she has ample opportunity for inspiration: large windows look out over a subtropical yard full of butterflies, lizards, opossums, raccoons and the occasional armadillo.

In the artist’s own words, “Animals are part of life – I think people should be able to wear a beloved keepsake of a special dog, cat, guinea pig or bird to maintain that unique connection over time.”

Merry finds all animals beautiful, and a wonderful inspiration for her art.

While she designs many a curious animal (think custom vulture pin, a pair of wart hog earrings, an anteater brooch and a rattlesnake), Merry admits that most of her designs are of the more commonly loved variety. She has over 40 different dog breeds, several cat breeds, a healthy number in the pocket pet section (hamster jewelry, guinea pigs, ferrets and more), and a host of other wildlife designs.

What is your favorite animal or pet? There is a good chance Merry has designed something that will be noticed and admired the first time you wear it! If you don't find what you're looking for, contact Merry. She loves to hear from her customers, and tries to answer each and every email she receives. >TheMagicZoo Blog