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Possum Jewelry

Possum Jewelry

Possum Jewelry

I love making possum jewelry. In fact, I’m quite fond of them in general. Whenever somebody compares one to rats (some would argue that’s not really an insult) or tells me how ugly they think they are, I gently (usually) remind them that possums are our only native marsupial and we should learn to appreciate them. I think it’s great that there are selfless individuals involved in their rescue.

The American, or Virginia opossums are mostly terrestrial but are good climbers as well. They have the diet of an omnivore and eat everything from fruit, insects to carrion. Their bodies are just about the size of a cat and live almost everywhere in the U.S.A., it seems.I love how they walk, with a slightly hunched up gait. Definitely not cat-like.

Their famous name harkens back to an unusual characteristic. When they’re afraid, they play dead. Not only do they lie still, but the tongue hangs out and the eyes are either closed or stare unblinking. If the animal attacking it shakes it, it still won’t move. Many predators lose interest at this point. The wily little possum looks warily around and scampers off.

Since they are marsupials, their babies are born in an immature, almost fetal state and grow in the mothers pouch until they are old enough to venture out on their own. I think baby possums are extremely cute.

My possum jewelry captures a typical pose. By the way, did you know that only the babies are light enough to hang from their tails?

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