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Monkey Jewelry

Monkey Jewelry

Monkey Jewelry

Creating my monkey jewelry was so much fun that I couldn’t stop with just one design! I really am fond of all of them.

Monkeys, of course, are primates. There are lots of varieties with distinct characteristics. The South American ones (New World) have prehensile tails, unlike their African and Asian relatives, the Old World monkeys. But both groups are more similar than dissimilar. They eat a lot of the same kinds of foods, for example.

I based my design on a capuchin monkey, the one used by the old fashioned organ grinders. It’s the most common one in captivity in Europe and the U.S.

Capuchin monkeys are native to South America. They are tree dwellers and live in family troops of up to 40 individuals. They are intelligent, sometimes considered to be as smart as chimpanzees. Capuchins are mostly fruit eaters and sometimes raid plantations growing chocolate beans and oranges. (I can understand that!) They also eat some butterflies, small birds and mammals. (Not quite so tempting.)

Babies ride on their mother’s back, holding onto her with their hands and feet, wrapping their tail around her. They only leave this position when its time to eat. Mom still keeps a grip on the baby by holding onto its tail in case it slips.

I have 3 different pendant possibilities in these design, two different earrings, 2 charms, a monkey pin and a pewter monkey lapel pin! Maybe I did get a little carried away.

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