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Koala and Kangaroo Jewelry

Koala and Kangaroo Jewelry

Koala and Kangaroo Jewelry

Koala jewelry has been included in my group of Magic Zoo designs almost from the very beginning! Of course the medium I used was different then, but I’ve always loved depicting these adorable marsupials.And recently I've added a momma kangaroo and joey design to this collection.

Koalas are mostly nocturnal, living almost completely in the Eucalyptus trees that provide their main source of nutrition. I’ve read that they smell like cough drops from their bodies being saturated with the stuff!

They don’t always have to come to the ground when changing from one tree to another. If it’s in a thick forest, it climb along a branch till it’s close to the neighboring tree. Then it jumps!

Males are about 50% larger than the females and are ready to reproduce at about 4 years. Females are ready to breed when they are about 2. During the summer breeding season (October through February in Australia) the males become aggressive towards each other and you can hear them bellow at night. That’s a sound I would never have associated with them! Alligators, maybe.

Newborn koalas are born in December and January and weigh less than .02 oz. The immature baby isn’t weaned for 5 months. I wonder if their milk is Eucalyptus flavored? At any rate, after 5 months the baby begins to eat an adult diet and begins growing rapidly.

If you look closely at the larger of my two koala jewelry  pendants, you’ll see a little baby on the back! I have two sizes of pendants, earrings and a charm.

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