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Giraffe Jewelry

Giraffe Jewelry

Giraffe Jewelry

I’d always wanted to design giraffe jewelry that included the entire body of the giraffe. I finally created it in this pin design. They are such a great subject for animal jewelry.

They are well adapted to their environment, able to reach foliage no other animal can touch with their graceful necks. Incidentally, giraffes do have seven vertebrae in the neck, just like most other mammals. They’re just a lot longer, each one of them.

There are several subspecies, all with different patterns in the coat. Also, each individual has its own individual markings, similar to our fingerprints. The pattern remains the same for the its entire life, even though the color may change somewhat.

It’s thought that the giraffe has a built in disguise when it’s browsing among a group of trees. The spots tend to camouflage it against the shadow, and the legs could pass for tree trunks. If one is in the open plain, it can see far because of a combination of excellent eye sight and great height.

They don’t make much noise with their vocal cords- an occasional grunt or snort, maybe. Babies can make a bleating sound when they’re distressed.

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information. Although they are exclusively browsing animals, they will sometimes graze, especially in captivity and usually when lying down!

Enjoy looking over my giraffe jewelry!

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