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Armadillo Jewelry

Armadillo Jewelry

Armadillo Jewelry

One thing I have here at the Magic Zoo is lots and lots of armadillo jewelry. I’m not even sure how it happened! At one time I had a single armadillo jewelry design and the next time I turned around I had 10, or is it more? I’ve kind of lost count.

Besides, they are very charming as long as they’re not digging up a carefully planted flower garden or tunneling through your yard. (I’ve heard of such impolite armadillo activity, but since I’ve never actually witnessed it, I find it hard to get worked up about it.) Besides, knowing me, I’d be so thrilled to be able to watch an armadillo doing ANYTHING right outside my window that I’d probably go out of my way not to disturb him!

At any rate, living down in the south like I do, I have seen them rooting around on the nature trails nearby. They are such odd looking little creatures, cute in a sort of cartoon-like way.

Here are a couple of armadillo facts: They are “made” for digging. They have pretty short front feet that have powerful claws. These they use to build burrows to sleep and raise their babies. They are such excellent diggers that when pursued they can make a tunnel so fast that they literally vanish before they can be caught.

Their favorite food is termites and ants. It seems like it would take a painfully long time to get filled up on a meal where each bite was less than 1/8 inch long. Maybe they just inhale a bunch at once, sort of like some unnamed young men I know of.

So it’s true you can order many versions of my armadillo jewelry. I’ll just let you tunnel around and see what you can find!

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