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Bearded Dragon Jewelry

Bearded Dragon Jewelry

Bearded Dragon Jewelry

I love my little bearded dragon jewelry- they were fun pieces to create, lots of detail in a fairly small design.

Bearded dragons, or beardies as they are sometimes called, are native to Australia, where they live mostly in the eastern part. But they are found throughout the continent, except for the northwest. There are more of them in drier parts of the country. The drier the environment, the richer their colors tend to be. Depending on their mood, they have a color either grayish to yellow.

Bearded dragons (also known as bearded lizards) live mainly on insects, but also eat small lizards, snakes and some vegetable matter. In the male, the “beard” is more developed. If one is facing a rival or when cornered, they go into an aggressive display, expanding their bodies by raising its ribs and erecting the beard. They also open their mouth to show the yellow part inside and hiss like a snake! Despite this ferocious display, they hardly ever bite.

My little niece Becky (whoops! I just remembered she’s about to start her final year of college!) had a bearded dragon for a pet when she was younger. It lived in a terrarium next to her bed until he grew so large that another home was found for him.) Some girls grow out of their infatuation for reptiles, while others retain it for a lifetime. (I’m not naming any names, only my own.)

My bearded dragon jewelry is available in a pin, pendant or pair of earrings.

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