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Rat Jewelry

Rat Jewelry

Rat Jewelry

I realize that rat jewelry probably has a somewhat limited appeal, but there were certainly enough requests for it that I felt compelled to design them.

Rats are, of course, rodents. They’re extremely good at what they do, which is mostly making zillions of babies and surviving. Some of my customers have rats as pets, and they tell me that they are very smart. I’m not surprised! They certainly seem to have what it takes and have managed to make themselves at home in just about every environment.
There are many species of rats. Hundreds of them! There are rats that weigh as much as 15 pounds, rats that have bushy tails, rats with soft coats and rats with long hair. They are able to live all over the place, from forests to deserts. There are even some that can swim well. The two most commonly found rats are the two that live near people, the brown rat and the black rat. Without the help of human sanctuary, brown rats build tunnels that they share with as many as 50 other rats.

By far my favorite pet rat story came from one of my veterinary customers who had a
 client that insisted she perform a c-section on a favorite pet rat who was having a “difficult delivery”. Who ever heard of a rat having a hard time making babies?

So rat jewelry was bound to emerge, what with all the interest in rats, both scientifically and as little rodent companions.

At any rate I do have several rat jewelry designs to choose from, and I hope you find one that suits your needs!

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