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Paw Print Jewelry

Paw Print Jewelry

Paw Print Jewelry

Pet paw jewelry is becoming rather popular and that makes sense to me. It seems like a nice way to either commemorate a favorite pet or wear something fashionable that announces you as a pet lover.

Mine come in quite a few versions, but my favorite is still the larger one that can be ordered as dangling earrings or a pendant. I personally find this design to be quite exquisite, if I say so myself! I can’t take all the credit as my casters really have done a masterful job in reproducing my original design.

My idea when I designed these creations was to create sort of a “non-denominational” design. It was meant to be a somewhat abstract version of a paw print that could be either canine or feline. Well most people think of it as a dog print, and that’s O.K. The fact remains that it can be looked at in a couple of different ways. I think the symbol of a pet paw represents a generalized love of animals.

I like the fact that you can get it in several different variations, from little post earrings with a heart motif, to the larger pendant or earring or charm. In fact, it’s probably my most popular charm design!

I hope you enjoy my little selection of pet paw jewelry, and find some good use for the various versions of this design.

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