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Manatee Jewelry

Manatee Jewelry

Manatee Jewelry

I had no choice but to design some manatee jewelry. I think they have such a sweet countenance. Awhile back I was reading a publication that referred to them as grotesque and I took offense! After all, these are the animals that sailors mistook for mermaids. I don't know that I would go so far as to compare them to the ethereal beauty of this story book creature, but grotesque they most certainly are not!

Since I live in Florida, manatees were a natural for me to design. I also figure in some small way creating manatee jewelry might help to raise the awareness of people concerning these amazing and threatened animals.

Theybbelong to a group of animals known as the sirenians, of which there are 4 species. They live in shallow coastal bodies of water and in river estuaries. They are complete vegetarians,living on grasses and aquatic plants that they grasp with their bristle covered lips.

Unfortunately, they have three things against them. They are docile and have no way of defending themselves,they have a very low reproductive ability and they have what is considered by some to have delicious meat. Outboard motor blades are their enemies; fortunately, much has been done solve that problem. I would say that it's pretty much up to us humans to take care of them.

I hope you enjoy my manatee jewelry and decide to wear some of it with pride!

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