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Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly jewelry! I don’t know how any jeweler can resist making these delightful insects in some form or other.

When I worked exclusively in clay, I created a monarch butterfly that was so beautiful and so detailed that I nearly drove myself crazy making it. So I am very happy to have a unique butterfly designed to be painted by my New England artisans in these striking jewel-like colors. And I’m able to keep my sanity as a side benefit.

I imagine my butterfly jewelery designing has not seen the end yet. I like the idea of making whimsically colored butterflies, but it would be nice to make some realistic ones as well. Maybe I can even figure out a way to make the monarch and still be able to count to ten afterwards.

Butterflies are the only insect that is covered from their wings to their feet in thousands of scales. They are what give the beautiful butterfly its color on both upper and lower wings Butterflies and most of the moths have a feeding tube that’s hollow and allows them to drink nectar and other liquids.

I love reading about the animals I create as jewellery. I’m a fountain of animal trivia, and bugs were especially fascinating to me as a young girl. Truth be told, I’m still fascinated by insects!

If you are looking for an unusual piece of butterfly jewelry, I’ve certainly got a nice little selection to choose from.

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