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Sheep Jewelry

Sheep Jewelry

Sheep Jewelry

A friend of mine once told me that my sheep jewelry reminded him of a Greek mask, especially the earrings and the small pendant. I had to agree! Actually it was a nice complement, as those wonderful masks were created by real artisans in those ancient times.

Now for some interesting informational tidbits. Sheep, next to goats are the earliest domesticated farm animals. There are indications that they were under the control of Man over 12,000 years ago.

There are 450 breeds. I had no idea. There are breeds that fit every kind of pasture, most climates and most altitudes. There are some bred for their wool, their meat and even their milk. I have a photograph of someone milking a one and the fellow appears to be looking over her back with her udder in his hands, squirting the milk into a bucket behind her. I wonder if it tastes anything like goat milk. I know there are cheeses made from sheep milk that I’ve had.

I wish I had time to do a bit more research- this is pretty fascinating stuff!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my sheep jewelry and find something among my earrings, pins and pendants to fill your needs!

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