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Pig Jewelry

Pig Jewelry

I think my pig jewelry is fun- they still make me smile! The big guy was my original design, and making a teensy little version was a real coup!

Maybe it’s because pigs look like they are walking on tiptoe that they remind me of big fat men with dainty little feet. I can picture them wearing a tuxedo with a top hat and spats. Imagination is a wonderful thing! Perhaps I should invent a cartoon character – Delbert the Dandy Pig.

Domesticated pigs come from two different wild species- the European wild boar and the Chinese wild pig. Wild pigs travel at night, rooting around for anything that looks edible. Some of their favorite foods include acorns, fruit and roots. Being omnivorous, they eat animal protein as well (mice, eggs, lizards, bugs, etc). What I really like about wild pigs is the fact that their babies are striped. So cute!

I’ve heard that pigs are very intelligent animals, and I have more than one customer who keeps a pig as a companion animal. And they are not naturally dirty animals. It’s just that they don’t sweat, and have no other way to cool off other than a dip in the most convenient water hole, which may be muddy. (It’s said they’ll take a clean puddle over a muddy one if there’s a choice.)

Enjoy my pig jewelry because I have quite a few designs to choose from! If you like farm animal jewelry, what better place to start!

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