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Donkey Jewelry

Donkey Jewelry

Donkey Jewelry

I worked on creating this donkey jewelry until finally the personality of this sweet and hard working equine began to emerge. I was so happy with it that it entered the category of jewelry that has special meaning for me as an artist. In other words, it just communicated the sum of my thoughts and memories about this animal, living in the country for a couple of years with my family and other sundry ideas about the burro.
Plus how can you have farm animal jewelry without having one?

Donkeys have a long history as a domesticated animal. Their forbear is the Wild Ass, now only found in northern Africa and southern Asia. Wild asses are practically extinct, but the number of burros have increased. In third world countries they are important for hauling heavy loads, plowing and even for riding.

There are many different breeds, from almost completely white to black with lots of shades in between. Different purposes are assigned the different breeds depending on their build. The daintier ones were used more for riding, and the stouter and heavier ones for plowing, sometimes harnessed with a camel.

They are fairly long-lived, the wild asses in zoos living to 24 years, but there are reports of donkeys living to be 37 or more.

You can order my donkey jewelry as a pendant, pair of earrings or a charm.

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