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Weimaraner Jewelry

Weimaraner Jewelry

Weimaraner Jewelry

I created this Weimaraner jewelry because of customer requests for this breed- and I must say I really enjoyed working on this one. It has such a beautiful profile it was a joy to make.

When I was a child there were some neighbors who had two of these dogs. Their beauty fascinated me even as a child. There is no other animal I know of on the face of the Earth with the coloring of a weimaraner.

Their history is interesting as well. The breed is several centuries old. There’s even a weimaraner in a Van Dyke painting from the 1600s. One theory of its history is that it is the result of an albinism that appeared in some ancient German pointing dog stock. I don’t pretend to understand the science of genetics, but that is still an interesting tidbit of information.

This dog is described as being aristocratic. I can see that! It certainly looks elegant.

When the puppies are born there are usually five to seven of them in a litter. When they are about seven or so weeks of age they ought to become familiar with people.
I’ve never seen a puppy. I wonder if the color is the same rich taupe.

I have 3 different possibilities as a pendant in my weimaraner jewelry collection. (One is the pin pendant.) Then of course I have the earrings and the charm as well. Put together a set for a real Weimaraner lover!

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