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Shih Tzu Jewelry

Shih Tzu Jewelry

Shih Tzu Jewelry

I worked to give my shih tzu jewelry creations a good helping of their native sweet temperament.

It’s thought that they come from Pekinese stock, but that is a bit uncertain. There’s also the rumor that it came from Tibet. What is known for sure is that this little dog was a big hit in the Chinese court of the 7th century. You can find it represented in paintings and sculptures from the time.

It was exported to Great Britain before World War II, and after the war military officers brought it back to the U.S.A. Ever since, it’s been a really popular little dog. It’s also extremely popular in Japan.

Shih Tzus get along well with children and they are generally a very affectionate breed. This is another little dog with a big dog inside-a very courageous little fellow.

They need to be brushed weekly, which surprised me. Just looking at those flowing locks I would guess it needed daily care. Especially if you live in Florida. I understand that they love to play outside. I myself can’t go into the back yard without emerging with a gargantuan number of weed seeds velcroed to my socks, the end of my skirt or anything else that comes into contact with the “grass” in my lawn. I can just imagine the state of a shih tzu’s coat after a 3 minute romp in my yard.

You should be safe with my shih tzu jewelry- very easy care.

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