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Sheltie Jewelry

Sheltie Jewelry

Sheltie Jewelry

I created my sheltie jewelry originally based on a real affection I have for these little dogs. My sister has had several Shetland sheepdogs that lived to ripe old age and were real characters, every one of them. Hector in particular knew me fairly well, and always seemed a bit confused when I came for a visit because my voice is so similar to Holly’s. But he liked me and knew me for his human auntie that always had a “greenie” on hand for him to chomp on.

They are most likely (according to my sources) descended from collies that were bred with a small dog living on the Shetland Island known as the yakkin. One of my sources said that shelties were small just because they lived on an island where food was scarce. Could this be true?

They are said to be marvelous sheepdogs despite their diminutive size. They exhibit very enthusiastic nipping at the heels of sheep and work for long periods of time without getting tired. They are also graceful and agile. I remember one of Holly’s Shelties could walk along the back of her sofa, perfectly balanced!

One of my books mentioned that the puppies need training when they’re young to discourage them from howling. I never heard Holly’s dogs howl. Of course, she was a loving, though strict disciplinarian.

I have several sheltie jewelry possibilities available, from the pendant, charm and earrings to the pin pendant design.

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