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Schnauzer Jewelry

Schnauzer Jewelry

Schnauzer Jewelry

I do believe my schnauzer jewelry could represent all three sizes of this dog. I gave him the cropped ears, but when I revisit this design I may not crop the ears, who knows?

The standard schnauzer is the oldest, original type. The miniature and the giant schnauzer were derived from this one. The standard was originally bred as a hunter for small “varmints”, but even early on it was considered a wonderful house pet.

The miniature schnauzer was used as a farmyard guard. The giant schnauzer has a great sense of smell and was used to herd. Later on it gained popularity as a police dog.

The three variations of the breed have individual personality types; the giant is gentle and friendly, the standard is brave and can be pretty aggressive towards other animals, the miniature is friendly and alert and is a real “barker”.

They need daily brushing and some additional work stripping out split ends. You know, I don’t give my own hair that much attention! I don’t think I’d be a very good companion to a high maintenance dog, but I’m glad that there are people who can do it, otherwise all dog breeds would have the same conservative haircut, like little soldiers in the army. I wonder if there are long haired dogs in the armed services with special military cuts?

If you need some schnauzer jewelry, I have a few possibilities here.

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