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Pug Jewelry

Pug Jewelry

Pug Jewelry

I have always enjoyed making pug jewelry. I can’t resist that cute little wrinkled face!
And why should I have to?

One of my dog books says that they date to 400 B.C. in China. Isn’t that an odd thought? I’m just trying to picture a little dog strolling around in ancient China, accompanied by a grand looking Chinese gentleman in silken robes. Actually, it doesn’t seem that hard to picture, after all! There’s something very civilized and oriental looking about this little dog.

The word “pug” means “clenched fist” in Latin and is in reference to the his wrinkled little face. I find that charming!

My little pendant and earrings with the pug sitting up was inspired by one of the cutest puppy pictures I’ve ever seen. Pug puppies are really cuteness personified. Those big eyes are even bigger and more innocent in a puppy face. Pugs do have a few color variations. There’s the black pug, the silver pug, and two different variations on fawn pugs. (Apricot fawn and regular fawn.)

I wouldn’t have thought so, but apparently they shed quite a bit and need to be brushed a couple times a week. Another breed care comment is that the eyes have to be washed every other day. They sound like a rather high maintenance dog, but if you love them and you have the time, why not?

I hope you enjoy my designing efforts. I certainly do enjoy creating pug jewelry!

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