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Poodle Jewelry

Poodle Jewelry

Poodle Jewelry

Here’s my current offering of poodle jewelry. The pin pendant is fun because you can wear it as a pin or a pendant, of course. The earrings and the smaller pendant are cute as well.

I was reading about poodles and learned a few interesting facts about the breed. Supposedly they originated in Russia or Germany and were mostly bred to be a water retriever. The standard, or larger sized poodle was the one used for that purpose. Here’s the part I really found amusing. The word poodle comes from the German word “pudelin” which is the term used to mean the sound that an oar makes when it hits the water! This talented dog was also used to pull milk carts. Sounds like the luxurious poodle had their day as hard working dogs.

When poodles made their way to France, they were bred to be small and the toy poodle was born. Among 18th century aristocracy, the poodle was a prized pet.

And what about that fancy clip? Apparently the original purpose was to help the dog swim. I doubt the modern show cut has much to do with that, but I could of course be wrong!

My poodle jewelry will be revisited soon and added to. I have had many request for it so a puppy cut poodle is in my Magic Zoo future, just you wait and see.

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