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Pit Bull Jewelry

Pit Bull Jewelry

Pit Bull Jewelry

My pit bull jewelry loving customers had been requesting a Magic Zoo version of this breed for over a year. I finally found the time to create one, and I’m happy to find that they like my version! Like all art, appreciation of it (or not) is a very personal thing and it always makes me happy when I find out that what I created matches the needs of my customers.

I now have several different designs. The larger silver and gold design was the first version, followed by a smaller one (so the earrings would be comfortable to wear). I often do a couple versions of a design just so my customers can have a choice of sizes and sometimes styles. These two are pretty similar, so probably the main variable is the size.

I recently added the pit bull name badge, lapel pin and key chain. I hope you enjoy them all!

Pit bulls have a bad name in some circles, but like all dogs the blame for a “bad” one usually falls with an incompetent or cruel owner. I have many customers who absolutely adore their pitties and tell me how sweet and gentle they are. I don’t have any personal experience with pit bull terriers, but I do believe my customers, otherwise I certainly don’t think they’d have one as a pet! They are a pretty popular breed now as well.

I’m very happy to offer my pit bull jewelry design to my many patient pit bull loving customers!

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