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Husky Jewelry

Husky Jewelry

Husky Jewelry

The husky jewelry has been a fun challenge to create. They are such beautiful dogs and capturing their markings can be a tricky matter.

Siberian huskies were bred in northeastern Asia for the purpose of pulling heavy loads across long spans, even through bad weather. Some authorities think that husky history goes far back in time to when Alaska and Siberia were still connected. That’s a concept that’s fun to ponder. They look a bit wolf- like to me, I wonder if wolves are part of their early ancestry.

The name supposedly comes from the way their howl sounds. It must be an eerie sound out on the Tundra.

I love the description of Siberian husky puppies as looking like small bear cubs. Wouldn’t you love to cuddle one of those babies? I’ve heard that huskies can be overly affectionate, and it’s a good idea to make sure the pups have a lot of contact with people when they’re still quite young.

They are a bit smaller than other sled dogs, but they are very fast, especially when pulling as a team. They are very powerful dogs with a strong back and come in various colors- brown, blue or parti- colored. The ones I’ve met have had either blue or brown eyes. Sometimes one of each color.

I have the husky jewelry in a pin pendant design, a pair of earrings, a charm and a regular pendant.

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