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Greyhound Jewelry

Greyhound Jewelry

Greyhound Jewelry

My Greyhound jewelry is available as a pin pendant, post earrings, dangling earrings and a pendant, so you have quite a few choices.

In designing mine I worked hard to create some of the grace and elegance of this ancient breed of dog.

Did you know that the modern greyhound is a direct descendant of the Arab Sloughi, brought to Europe by the Phoenicians? Now that was a few years ago, you can be sure! Greyhounds were well-known in ancient Greece and Egypt and were used as sight hounds.

The history of their name is interesting as well. There is a theory that it is a contracted version of “degree hound” which refers to the fact that greyhounds were once only able to be owned by people who had degrees. After all, only some are actually grey so it makes sense the derivation of the word would have nothing to do with color, although I admit to being a little confused by that for a while.

They were definitely built to race. Their whole body is streamlined so perfectly. Even when they’re just standing around, they look like they could streak off into the sunset at a moment’s notice.

I’ve met many rescue greyhounds, retired track stars. They have been gentle and sweet dogs, every one of them.

I have several varieties of greyhound jewelry and if the popularity of these dogs continues to grow at its current pace, I would imagine I’ll get busy and make a few more variations!

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