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Great Dane Jewelry

Great Dane Jewelry

Great Dane Jewelry

My Great Dane jewelry is available as a pin pendant, post earrings, dangling earrings and a pendant, so you have quite a few choices.

This is a noble dog with a truly ancient history. In fact, Greek money has been found from 36 B.C. with their very familiar image. Early Great Danes were more mastiff-like dogs, and it wasn’t until some unspecified time later that they were bred with Irish greyhounds and became the beautiful dogs we now know.

There are a lot of color variations in this breed, from the festive harlequin Great Dane to the fawn and black version. All are gorgeous dogs, but I must admit a bit of a prejudice toward the polka dot Dane!

These dogs are so very large and (luckily) so very gentle! I’ve known a few Great Danes in my life and they were invariably wonderfully sweet tempered dogs. I’ve found it rather sad that they are not as long lived as some smaller dogs, but I suppose one must treat the moments you have with them as even more precious, and enjoy them to the fullest.

Great Danes are happier living in the suburbs as opposed to the city, because they need room to exercise and stretch those long legs.

I’ve had some requests for a Great Dane jewelry with un-cropped ears, so I may get to that at some time in the future.

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