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German Shepherd Jewelry

German Shepherd Jewelry

German Shepherd Jewelry

My German Shepherd jewelry is not my first version of this noble looking breed. But I felt this one captured the noble breed best.

My first encounter with a German Shepherd was with a dog named “Shane” who lived across the street from me as a child. In comparison to me, he seemed about eight feet tall and was a little too boisterous for my genteel nature. In other words, I was scared of him! I’ve since known some very well mannered German Shepherds and my original opinion has matured.

From what I’ve read about German Shepherds, they originated with a mountain sheepdog of Germany several centuries ago. Some think the earliest shepherds were the result of sheepdogs mating with wolves in the area.

Today German shepherds are considered one of the most popular dogs, but for some reason I very seldom see them, at least in my neighborhood.

Shepherds have been used during war time to carry messages under fire. They also perform well as a rescue dog. But apparently their abilities really shine as a guard dog because they have amazingly quick reflexes and can attack without hesitation.

There are quite a few color variations, although I think the only ones I’ve ever seen are the tan and black, the black and the white (which I understand is considered a flaw in the breed).

If you enjoy my rendition of German Shepherd jewelry, I’d love to hear from you!

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