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French Bulldog Jewelry

French Bulldog Jewelry

French Bulldog Jewelry

I had so many people asking (I almost said pestering!) me to create a line of French bulldog jewelry that I recently relented. I’m really glad I did because this little dog was so fun to design and I learned a bit about the breed.

There seems to be some disagreement among the “experts” whether this dog is a native French breed or did it originate in England with the English bulldog? We really do need that time machine built so all these important questions can be answered.

I think this would be a great dog for an apartment dweller. I read that Frenchies are great mouse hunters. Now that’s a new one for me.

I know they are quite popular little dogs with their cute little bat ears and stocky bodies. Not only that but they come in lots of different color variations, so you could have a whole bouquet of French bulldogs. I think the black and white one is a real head turner, but the dark brindle (which I used to think was black) is beautiful as well.

Apparently these are easy care dogs, at least as far as their coat is concerned. One of my books said you just have to give them a daily rubdown with a rough cloth! These guys are also sensitive to heat so that needs to be watched as well.

Cute little guys, the French bulldog, and pretty cute in the French bulldog jewelry, if I say so myself!

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