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Dog Bone Jewelry

Dog Bone Jewelry

Dog Bone Jewelry

I was surprised by the immediate popularity of my dog bone jewelry! I don’t get out much and had no idea that this was something fashionable and desirable by (mostly) dog owners. I just thought they were cute! That’s why I included it my dog jewelry section.

It’s funny how this basic bone shape has been around as a representative of all things doggy for a long time. As a kid n the 1950s we gave our dalmation dogs “milk bone” dog biscuits that had this same basic shape. I can still taste that milky goodness today. (When you lived on wonder bread sandwiches you had to get your minerals somewhere.)

It’s also amazing to me that the dog bone post earrings are about as tiny as I could humanly make them and they still are unmistakably bones. I guess that’s a rather universal design.

You can combine these bone designs in a lot of different ways. Tiny posts with larger pendant. Dangling bone earrings with bone pendant. Small bone posts in one ear hole and the dangling bone earrings in the second hole. I could go on like this all day. I’m sure that you could think up additional ways to combine the bone jewelry, with other dog jewelry designs, for instance.

I would imagine that dog bone jewelry will be representative of the canine species for a long time to come.

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