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Raven Jewelry

Raven Jewelry

Raven Jewelry

I created this raven jewelry design in honor of a wonderful long time friend. Since ravens have special meaning to him, he received the very first casting of this bird. I cast his ravens as tie tacks, which I can do upon request with this design.

Ravens are amazing birds, intelligent and are quite beautiful. They are the largest member of the crow family. It has a large range, throughout Europe, northern Africa, parts of Asia, Greenland and North America.

They demonstrate playful behavior, pulling each other’s tails and even “kissing” each other. They play with sticks, passing them to each other and jerking them away like they’re teasing. I’d love to be a witness to some of these raven antics!

They are scavengers, so they’re important environmental house keepers. They also bury food they don’t need by digging little holes for it and covering it up with grass and dirt, usually forgetting where they put it. I can identify with that. I spend a goodly portion of each day looking for my glasses.

I think this is a lovely raven jewelry design, made with all the aesthetic interpretation of the bird that I could muster up!

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