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Penguin Jewelry

Penguin Jewelry

Penguin Jewelry

I have a whole collection of penguin jewelry, everything from a charm to a pair of earrings. I’ve always had some kind of these birds in the Magic Zoo. How could I not?

Ever since my darling daughter Cedar received a stuffed penguin for Christmas when she was about 8 years old in 1989 they have been a part of the Rosenfield household. (I still have Waddle the stuffed penguin- my granddaughter Ada sometimes plays with him now.)

On my website is an Emperor penguin, as a true aficionado could probably tell. They live in the Antarctic. When the weather becomes really harsh, as many as 6,000 dedicated dads huddle together incubating the eggs. The males have a special fold of skin where the eggs are protected for about two months. During this time the guys live off their stored fat while they stand around keeping the eggs warm .Because they huddle in groups, less heat is lost and the penguins take turns being on the outer edge of the group. During this time the moms are off eating their equivalent of bonbons and having nightly slumber parties with their girl friends.

There are no deadbeat dads in Emperor penguin land.

If you are a penguin lover (who isn’t?) AND you enjoy wearing penguin jewelry, I believe you’ve come to the right place.

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