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Owl Jewelry

Owl Jewelry

Owl Jewelry

My owl jewelry was inspired by an occasional sighting of this wonderful bird type. Because they’re nocturnal they seem to be rare, which I realize isn’t true. Owls are all around us hidden by day and even more hidden by night because of our mostly diurnal (awake in the day) nature.

So every time I do see one it feels like a great gift and I treasure it.

Owls have very highly developed hearing and vision. The biggest owls have eyes that are as large as ours! One reason their heads are so much larger than other birds is to accommodate those big eyes and ear openings.

Barn owls are a welcome “renter” to many farmers, who wisely encourage their living in their buildings. In Malaysia, Barn owls form large family groups that can consume about 1,300 rats per year!My little owl design is closer to one of the “eared” owl varieties that have the little tufts on each side of the head (not really ears, of course)

One of my favorite owl memories is from a time when our kids were really kids and we took a hike in a wooded area of Marin County, California, where we used to live. David spotted a small owl just above us on the trail, sleeping peacefully in the crook of a tree branch. Both David and Cedar started to make a squeaking sound, which brought the owl instantly into alert mode, searching the ground below him for the rodent with the weird squeak!

My owl jewelry collection would be a wonderful gift for a collector- someone really fond of this important nocturnal bird.

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