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African Grey Jewelry

African Grey Jewelry

African Grey Parrot Jewelry

For many years I’ve made African grey jewelry. Mostly the standard species that most people recognize, but sometimes the more elusive timneh African grey.I think these parrots are beautiful. The soft grey, red and black coloring is a designer’s dream! It’s fun for me to step back and see these expressed so many different ways. But whether the design is in color or in a metal, that Grey personality is easy to recognize.

 The African grey parrot is native to Central Africa. It has three subspecies, one of which is the Timneh parrot that I mentioned earlier, which in the past I was occasionally asked to create as a special order for some of my customers. They are forest dwelling birds, and can live in large flocks. They sleep in tall trees that must make them feel safer at night.They are one of the best talkers in the pet bird world. I’ve met a few, myself, and I was really impressed with their powers of speech imitation. I’ve been told by some owners that not only are they able to duplicate the sounds of language but their use of words can be uncannily spot- on! I’m sure there is some real understanding that goes on.If you love African grey jewelry, you have quite a number of designs to choose from in my Magic Zoo collection.

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