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The Magic Zoo has been around since 1989, when Merry Rosenfield first began selling her polymer clay animal jewelry in Northern California. Since that time Merry has expanded her line to almost 2,000 different designs in pewter, sterling silver, bronze, enamel and 14K gold.

Merry's husband of over 42 years, Ed Rosenfield, is the other half of the business. He tends to the technical and web store details, leaving Merry free to create.

“It's the perfect partnership in every way!” Merry says. She thoroughly enjoys her life's journey with a husband she loves just as much (if not more) as on the day they married. For over 30 years Ed and Merry have worked together in The Magic Zoo to create a viable business for their family, traveling the country and exhibiting Merry's jewelry at art shows and veterinary conventions.

Merry and Ed

Merry works in partnership with several small artisan shops in New England to bring her original models to fruition. Her sterling silver, bronze and gold designs are cast using the ancient lost wax method. The pewter designs are cast a bit differently, but all are exact replicas of Merry's original designs, which she creates by hand in her New Mexico studio.

The enamel pieces are hand painted on pewter and cured using a special epoxy paint. Merry has worked with the same painter, metal casting studios and engraver (for her name badges) for over 20 years.

Today, most of Merry and Ed's customers find them online. Themagiczoo.com is constantly updated with her newest creations.

Merry and Ed both love communicating directly with their customers, and invite emails and phone calls at any time.

The Magic Zoo

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