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Hello! I’m Merry Rosenfield, the artist who creates The Magic Zoo jewelry.

I am passionate about making animal jewelry that my customers love to wear! Since 1989, I’ve listened to my fans, and worked to create wearable art that represents their most beloved pets and favorite animals.

Are you a dog lover? I have over 40 different breeds, and I’m constantly adding to this collection. How about Kitties? Yes, I’m constantly thinking of new designs and poses to add.

Since I’ve been fascinated with all animals since childhood, my collection includes critters from Africa, Australia, North America and your backyard. My dream day would include creating new animal designs from early morning until I couldn’t keep my eyes open at night.

And I would love to hear from you! You can email me anytime by going over to our Contact Us page.

I can also talk to you on the phone from M-F 9AM-9PM. If you catch me out, leave a message! I return all calls. 800-670-3703

Enjoy my collection, and let me know if there is an animal design you would love to see me create! I might just surprise you.



The Magic Zoo
PO Box 1116
Clearwater FL 33757

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