Sep 122012

Why am I promoting etsy jewelry?

Etsy Jewelry a Great Place to ShopEtsy jewelry shows off an artist’s handmade creations, and at long last I have my own bronze jewelry on the etsy jewelry site. I think the photos of these items have gorgeous backgrounds which completely shows them off to advantage. (Compliments go to my husband, the photographer!)

Of course I’ve had my own website for a long time now, but etsy is a great showcase for artists who don’t have their own site for one reason or another. Etsy jewelry is mostly handcrafted, so the pieces reflect the personalities and talents of each artist whose work is displayed there. It’s a lot of fun to poke around there, and see what you see!

I’d thought about putting my own handcrafted animal jewelry designs on etsy  for several years, but that project got put on hold. I admire etsy, and many of my own customers have been urging me to get my work up there. So at long last, I have put my toe in the water of etsy jewelry. And although all that is up there now is my new bronze work, more will certainly follow.

I Love Being an Artist!

I love creating; it is what I do! But fitting one more thing into an already exceedingly busy schedule took a bit of planning. But  for now, etsy jewelry is the only place you’ll see my bronze jewelry. They will be on my regular site before Christmas, if all goes according to plan. But at least you can get a sneak peak at them now!

I think  bronze jewelry has a wonderful warm glow, not as bright as gold of course, but very appealing nontheless. To me it’s sort of an autumn feeling; and I imagine most people who have the autumn pallette would look great wearing bronze jewelry as well. I also think women who love 14K gold would enjoy bronze, although maybe for more casual wear. One thing about bronze; it is more affordable than gold!

I think many people actually prefer the more subtle tones of bronze; my own bronze jewelry has a lacquer finish that delays the patina that naturally forms on this metal with time.

Expanding my reach into both the world of etsy artists, and the world of designing in bronze has been a great experience. Both of these new adventures have given me some ideas of additional trails to blaze. And for an artist, creating new work is one life’s greatest joys.

What’s it like to shop on Etsy?

What  benefits  are there to shopping on etsy? This is my personal list!

* Lots of artist’s designs in one location
* Sort of like your personal arts and crafts show, on your computer screen
* Much of the work there is handmade
* You can switch easily from one gift item to another (from jewelry to pillows, to furniture, and so on)
* You get to support artists by purchasing from them directly

I’m curious; how  many of my customers also shop for etsy jewelry? Check it out, and then I would love to know what you think about the etsy site!

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