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14k Gold Doberman Earrings

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In 14k gold, my Doberman earrings are just incredibly beautiful! I wish all my Doberman loving customers could have a pair to enjoy.

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14k Gold Doberman Earrings

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Sure I would make a lot of money that way, too, but that's beside the point! I'm perfectly happy to sell the Doberman earrings in sterling silver as well.

The Doberman is a fairly new breed, only about one hundred and fifty years old.

This dog is a natural at the job of guarding. He is always pretty alert, so it is just a part of his nature. Because there are times when he can be aggressive, a firm hand is desirable in training him. This is not to say he can't become a loyal and affectionate friend, because that is definitely possible and certainly desirable.

Even though the tail is docked, the Doberman still expresses a lot of emotion in that little stub of a tail. When he is especially alert, the tail is carried high. I'm sure he wags it when he's happy but I've never been witness to that.

In Australia, the Doberman is classified as a "utility' dog. I'm not quite sure what that is, but it sounds suspiciously like the same thing as a working dog. It's hard to imagine that in the land down under their job description is much different than it is here. Unless, of course, the Doberman works for the Gas and Electric company.

What a nice gift these gold Doberman earrings would make for a Doberman lover!

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